Friday, July 27, 2012

Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network (link)

Located at 1460 North Fairview Avenue in Goleta, this center cares for injured birds and small mammals until they are able to survive on their own, then releases them back into the wild. Many different species arrive here, rescued by compassionate citizens of Santa Barbara County. Volunteers with a love of wildlife and a talent for healing man the center. For more information, including how to volunteer, call 805-681-1080.


There are two adjacent pond areas.

featuring pelicans

As of this date, most of the seabirds at the center are Brown Pelicans.

preparing dinner

The meal includes a pill that has nutrients seabirds who aren't living in salt water need -- placed inside each fish. Land birds are fed separately.


exercising and resting



Other small mammals are also cared for at the center.

more about the Network

The story began in 1979 with a small group of people who saw a need to care for injured birds. Since then the Network has grown to over 400 volunteers, who care for over 4000 animals each year. Only a few of the animals, resident as of today, are shown above. Regular team members include Julia Parker, Sophie Busch, Tracie Gephart, Pat Carter, Jackie Darbyshire, Dawn A. Summerlin and June Taylor ... an extraordinary group. More photos of the Network's activities are presented on this blog July 1, 2012 (scroll down). The NETWORK on Facebook.
Pond areas are also monitored by computer.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday morning

on campus

Fallen Figure, by Robert Thomas

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Twilight landing

brown pelican in the lagoon

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evening, surf and sand

Heermann's Gull, migrating

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Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network

The network is made up of dedicated volunteers who handle injured birds and small mammals that people bring in. Visit their WEBSITE for more information and to volunteer. (805-681-1080). These compassionate people make a difference! Their spirit uplifts and enriches the entire community.